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Northam Vetoes Concealed Handgun Bill

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  1. George C. says:

    “With well over one million dollars given to the Northam campaign for Governor, he’s getting some of those returns with veto after veto of pro-self-defense bills” stated Van Cleave. ”

    I’ll just leave THAT as a thought.

  2. Nicolas says:

    Communist (Socialist anti-American Anti-US Constitution) NAZI (Pro Infanticide and Anti-Israel Pro Islam and Antisemitic) Ralph Northam want’s gun confiscation of Law-abiding Virginians and all Americans simply as an important measure for any totalitarian dictatorship to take control of it’s citizens. Hitler, Stalin, Pol-pot, Hugo Chaves, Nicolas Maduro, Fidel Castro, and all dictators in history have confiscated firearms from it’s citizens before seizing total power.
    The “Democratic” party is as democratic as the Democratic Republic of Germany or East Germany was

    The “democratic” party has become a Communist NAZI party…Plain and Simple!!!

  3. Jeannie says:

    Let Ralphie do whatever he wants, I’m moving out of this communist state as fast as I can!!! The democrats have taken over this state thanks to Richmond, Charlottesville, Norfolk and northern Va.

  4. Charles says:

    The only public safety concerns I have, is Mr KKK himself, Governor Northam. That idiot should just go away before he does any more damage to the Great State of Virginia.

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