‘Moderate’ Democrat Votes Down Measure Opposing Illegal Immigrant Voting

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  1. Edward Mack says:

    Oh, yeah, Spanberger is learning the Washington two-step really well. First, go to Washington and vote against the majority in your district and hope your constituents don’t notice and vote the demorat party line. Then, on the most controversial matters, just give some bull answer. We need to send her back to Glen Allen and get a real conservative back in the 7th.

  2. DL Lawrence says:

    I am 100% sure liberal tax loving Jennifer Wexton voted to allow illegal aileins who broke US law to vote in a US election. So Wexton, what did you learn in Law school? Obviously not how to uphold it. What a disgraceful American and unpatriotic person.

  3. Michael williams says:

    It is already against the law for illegals to vote in national elections. She is going to be another hypocrite liberal forked tongue socialist.

  4. Gary Gardell says:

    What in the world are these crazy liberals thinking? They’re all committed to tearing down this great country! Common sense needs to be restored.

  5. Joel Ragusa says:

    My thoughts are that if the District wasn’t Jerry rigged and Still included Hanover County she never would have won! She’ being a westend Brat is a disappointment to her fellow high school students, She needs to support her fellow Richmonders and stop being a democrat and start being an American .

  6. R.T. says:

    SHe ran as a “moderate”, yet there is nothing “moderate” about any decision she’s made thus far. We’re looking forward to cleaning the swamp in District yet again…

  7. Karl Kautz says:

    She obviously is another left leaning Dem. Says she is a mderate but her actions or lack of show she works towards and for the radical left agenda. which will only undermine our nation, what it stands for ,and was founded on. So much for rule of law. She threw around defending the nation by working for the CIA. But obviously it’s just another smoke screen.

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  9. EAK says:

    I think the Democrats are drinking from the same poison water fountain. They have lost their freaking minds. They are so crazy that there is a Republican President in office, they ‘re gashing their teeth and slashing their wrists with their decisions to side with left wing idiots trying to bring this country down.

    As my mother used to say ” Give everything away and start shitting through our ribs.” That is what happening in this country, destroying our laws, our Constitution and our American citizens way of life.

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