Trump on Virginia: “That state is going to go Republican”

Comments (2)
  1. Edward Mack says:

    I’m very doubtful that VA will go Republican. Yes, the democrats are “becoming the party of socialism, late-term abortion, open borders, and crime” and “outside of the mainstream”. But, this is what VA has become, more democrat and more outside of the mainstream. So, what is gonna change this shift of more democrats and non-mainstream voters? There aren’t enough independents and republicans to change the balance. Are demorats gonna change their stripes and vote Republican? I’m not just being a pessimist, but I believe I’m being a realist

  2. Doc Daniel says:

    Virginia is already a Republican State and has been for some time. Our problem lies in that the MAJORITY of us are stifled. Our voices are overridden by a bunch of left carpetbaggers from northern Virginia and northeastern Virginia. This was clearly evident during the Obama campaign. NVa had obama signs plastered everywhere, even on their Prius’. The true MAJORITY of us were totally against an obama Presidency. As long as NVa is allowed to dictate who is elected, were screwed.

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