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This Single Mother Is Looking To Oust Her Democrat Congresswoman

Comments (5)
  1. Edward Mack says:

    As long as we can get the leftist, Pelosi-loving, not-moderate Spanberger out and get someone who stands for conservative values, we should be happy.

  2. Hannah Stover says:

    Who are we, Democrats? She shouldn’t be discriminated against for being a single mother but it’s not a virtue in and of itself or reason to vote for her either. She should be judged by her positions on the issues. Not her skin color or marital status.

    1. Kevin says:

      Good job. I didn’t read anything to vote FOR, just against Spanburger. Why should I care if she’s a Hispanic? That’s racist. I care that she is a Constitutionalist. She’s female? So what. Is that a reason to vote FOR someone? That’s sexist..

  3. tracy lester says:

    She sounds WONDERFULL. Im republican and voted for Bratt. I am not a Spanberger fan

  4. Craig Ennis says:

    You better do your research New Virginia Press I do believe I filed 5 months before Tina Ramirez to run against Abigail Spanberger in the 7th Distict of Virginia.

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