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Tina Freitas Eyes Potential Senate Run

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  1. Edward C. Olivares, Sr says:

    I am not in Tina’s District, but if I were, I would definitely be voting for Tina for the State Senate seat in the 24th District. My own tate Senator is Mark Peake, solid Conservative, pro-life, pro-2d Amendment. Tina will be a great Conservative Pro-Life, Pro-2d Amendment enator from the 24th District!

  2. David Crissman says:

    I live in the west side of Culpeper in the 24th Senate District, and I have become more and more dismayed by what Emmett Hanger has been doing.

    Pushing for Medicade Expansion? Some might say, “Well, even though it will eventually overwhelm our medical system and bankrupt the Commonwealth, at least he is compassionate…” I guess it depends upon your timeline for compassion, but Conservatives realize ever expanding government programs put unnatural amounts of money in a sector of the economy and continue an upward spiral in prices that the government then again pays until nobody can afford it. The same thing has occurred with college funding where schools are more like spas now to attract more and more students with larger and larger government-backed loans they will have trouble paying back. The trouble paying back the huge loans then draws calls for government to pay off the loans and….eventually huge tax increases, price controls, more and more businesses close, the system collapses and you are Venezuela. Compassionate? No.

    Voting Against Constitutional Carry? This is proof Emmett Hanger has effectively become a Democrat. His “compassion” has now moved into an obvious lack of trust for law-abiding citizens constitutional and moral right to self defense. Rather than Liberty and Equal Opportunity, his instincts are to control citizens and redistribute. That is Leftist thinking and voting!

    I have met Tina Freitas, and like her husband Nick, she is a Conservative. If she decides to run for the 24th Senate District, I will support her for sure.

    David Crissman, Culpeper, VA.

  3. Kevin Hagen says:

    I’m just outside of her district so, unfortunately, I can’t vote for her. She seems to stand for the same things I’m in favor of. I served with her husband in Iraq in 2006, so that’s a big plus too!

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