No Sign of Sen. Warner’s “Enormous” Collusion Evidence

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  1. Edouard D'Orange says:

    Did we in VA need another reason to see that Warner is as loony as the rest of the demorat caucus? VOTE HIM OUT!

    1. Alton L. Mills says:

      I Agree

    2. Betty J Case says:

      I agree

  2. ThinkAboutIt says:

    Warner has been bat stupid crazy for a long while. My guess is the will not be re-elected were that the option.

  3. James Walsh says:

    Warner is a phony.
    All he wanted was the spot light, his comments where always lies,

    He should be taken off any committee he is in.

  4. Patricia Swoope says:

    Warner and Kaine both are lacking when it comes to representing the State of VA. The only time you hear them is when they want to have a photo op or act like they know more than they actually do. They both need to be voted out. They would not know the truth if it jumped up and slapped them in the face.

  5. Danny Lanning says:

    Warner has been a bald face liar for at least 9 years or more. No one can believe this socialist demorat animal any time he opens his mouth

  6. John David Barber says:

    I think Warner is a politician who wants to burnish his liberal credentials while ignoring his razor thin victory in Virginia the last cycle. We will bring him down.

  7. A. Boyd says:

    Sen. Warner show your proof. Hopefully you get voted OUT.

  8. Dave says:

    Kaine and Warner are both EMBARRASSMENTS to Virginians.
    They consistently vote WRONG on EVERY ISSUE, and on the numerous occasions I’ve asked them a specific question they either DON’T ANSWER or they OUTRIGHT LIE!
    We cannot be rid of them soon enough!!!

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