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2,000 Democrats Infiltrated This GOP Primary To Support Emmett Hanger

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  1. Sue Sherrill says:

    Virginia’s ‘Open Primaries’ are a plague!

  2. m r says:

    Who are the consultants (probably Richmond based, and known “Republican operatives”), that corrupt the system and enable this left-wing egotist to keep the seat? Maybe their businesses should pay a price for this so-called “smart politics.”

  3. WC says:

    Why does the Va Republican party support Hanger and let him claim to be a Republican?
    Shut off the cash and primary him.

  4. ConnieS70 says:

    Republicans decide the nomination method. So why did the 24th Senate District Republican Committee vote for primary instead of a Party Canvas or Nomination method, whereby the GOP could ensure that only Republicans can choose their GOP representative?! Hmm?

    The Incumbent Protection Act (IPA) was finally overturned, so Hanger couldn’t dictate his preferred method – primary – this time around.

    Good luck, Tina Freitas!

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