Tina Freitas Announces Primary Challenge Against Emmett Hanger

Tina Freitas officially announced her run for State Senate Saturday with a series of events throughout the district.

After Freitas revealed that she was exploring a primary challenge against sitting Senator Emmett Hanger, rumors spread rapidly that she was almost certain to follow through.

Now, those rumors have been vindicated.

Freitas will run head-to-head against Hanger in the Republican Primary election to be held on June 11th.

Tina Freitas Makes Senate Campaign Official

The reason for her campaign, Freitas shared, is that Hanger’s values don’t line up with their conservative district.

“I strongly disagree with much of his voting record and his tendency to vote in line with the Democrat agenda on key issues.” Freitas stated.

Hanger is one of the Republicans that voted with the Democrat party to pass Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion in 2018.

“Hanger even won an award last year alongside Governor Northam for his role in pushing through the expansion.” Richmond2Day reported.1

The district is a safe red seat that usually swings 60-30 for the GOP.

That means whoever wins the Republican nomination will almost certainly win the General election.

And with the support of a former statewide candidate and sitting Delegate, Freitas will likely create a competitive race.

Freitas has already launched accusations that Hanger is ashamed of conservative values, and explains that her views more closely align with the district.

“[Hanger] was the vote that killed Constitutional Carry and he spent the past several years pushing for Medicaid expansion, finally ramming it through last session in a budget which sent two million dollars to Planned Parenthood. This is not reflective of our respect for human life, or our defense of Constitutional Rights here in the 24th.”

Freitas also addressed the recent abortion comments from Governor Northam.

“Democrats have been putting forth legislation that has concerned, sickened and even horrified Virginians. We must respond with an actual plan that demonstrates the contrast and clear choice between our vision for Virginia and that of the ‘new left’.“

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