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Tina Freitas Announces Primary Challenge Against Emmett Hanger

Comments (4)
  1. NeaL says:

    I’ve said many times that we need more like Nick Freitas in public offices. This is better than I could have hoped for.

    1. Wally Bunyea says:

      It’s about time! Tina is a great candidate! We need more principled legislators. Hanger is a RINO, and I’m glad she’s taking him on!

  2. Dawn Brown says:

    Tina Freitas is the real deal! She’s authentic, full of deep conviction & truly a Voice for the Voiceless. She isn’t a Conservative in Name only. She lives out her faith & her beliefs & we are so fortunate that she has chosen to fight for what is right. I fully support her & encourage all who care about Life, Limited government & conservative values to support her as well.

  3. James Necci says:

    Go to it Tina, hang him out to dry!

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