Virginia Democrat Faces Backlash for Anti-Semitic Comments

Ibraheem Samirah, the Democratic candidate for Delegate in Virginia’s 86th House district, has been accused of anti-Semitic comments after his sordid track record of railing against Israel came to light.


Samirah is a proponent of left-wing ideals, the Green New Deal VA, and expanding our the already struggling public insurance Healthcare System.


Over the years Samirah has used Facebook to rail against Israel and its citizens.


In one instance he claimed it was worse to fund Israel than the KKK.


In another post, he gleefully said that Israel’s former prime minister was burning in hell.


He also makes a shocking accusation against Israel’s teenage population.


And he took to Facebook to promote the BDS a movement, a campaign to boycott Israel.


But statements like these seem to be quickly becoming more frequent in the Democratic party, with many of the newer members of the democratic party echoing the same anti-Semitic line.





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