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Police Chief Cervera: More Gun Laws Wouldn’t Have Stopped Shooter

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  1. Desmond Sanchez says:

    Thoughts and prayers

  2. JoN says:

    It is not the guns that are causing the problems. It is the people who have them and in most cases it is the mentally ill. They are the ones who we need to be helping. The criminals will always get the guns no matter how many laws you impose. You are only hurting innocent people when you want to take the guns they might have for their own protection.

  3. Charles Engman PhD says:

    if people could carry guns to court this would have been stopped before it ever started

  4. Peter Stephens says:

    “An unarmed man, is an enslaved man”! “A disarmed man, is a conquered man”! I shall not be enslaved or conquered!

  5. Valerie says:

    I would rather know more about the individual and why he would decide to commit a mass murder and address his motive . Then devote all efforts to prevent this from ever happening again. Stricter gun laws for law abiding citizens iwill not stop this from happening again. We need to protect ourselves in situations exactly like this.

  6. Richard says:

    If a crazy person drives into a crowd, do you hear anyone say: “We need automobile control legislation?’ Automobiles don’t kill people any more than guns do. Some of the people who use them do. If guns are taken away from law-abiding owners, then only the people who shouldn’t have them WILL, because they will always be able to find ways to get them.

  7. Dave says:

    Nice to see the chief speak the truth for a change. Hope he backs up his words with real support of the Second Amendment.

  8. Pat Chalkley says:

    Our people should be taught that “me” does not come first. The younger generation is not taught to have good morals.. If someone can’t get their way, they want to fight and hurt someone.

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