Virginia Teacher Wraps Trump Flag Around Student’s Neck

A York County student brought a “Trump 2020” flag to class to join in “spirit week” activities at school.

But one educator decided the flag should be wrapped around the student’s neck.

What happened next was captured on video and is now going viral.

York County Educator Wraps “Trump 2020” Flag Around Student During Spirit Week

A teacher’s assistant has been caught on camera wrapping a Trump flag around a student’s head in York County, Virginia.

The video shows a growing trend among educators to take physical or administrative action against students who show support for President Trump.

The teacher was identified as a para-educator, and the video clearly shows her wrapping a “Trump 2020” flag around the student as classmates jeer.

The student brought the flag to class as part of Tabb High School’s “spirit week”.

Classmates claimed the teacher had previously attempted to take the student’s phone, but the footage was captured by another student across the room.

The community response was immediate condemnation.

When asked, one of the local residents told Norfolk’s WVEC-TV, “I don’t think any grown-up teacher, parent or anybody that’s an adult should wrap anything around kids’ face.”

“Wrapped it around his neck. Now you see the true left. You sue the school board, teacher, county and state. You can not silence the First Amendment. Take her check for the rest of her life” wrote a local resident on Facebook, Newsweek reports.

Tabb High School has since notified students, parents and teachers of the incident.

In a written statement, the York County School Division declared: “We take this matter seriously, as we do all concerns brought to our attention”.

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