This Republican Delegate Just Threw The Gauntlet Down On Governor Northam

With the General Assembly just days away from meeting for a special session to take up Governor Ralph Northam’s gun control proposals, all eyes are converging on Richmond.

But one Republican Delegate is now pushing back against Governor Northam’s plans to pass sweeping new gun control laws this summer.

And he didn’t hold back when writing this response to the Governor’s demands.

The House of Delegates and the Virginia Senate are set to convene in less than a week to pick up disgraced Democratic Governor Ralph Northam’s gun control agenda for consideration.

But while the Governor and his allies in the General Assembly are clamoring hard for Richmond to pass sweeping new gun control legislation in the wake of a tragic shooting in Virginia Beach earlier this summer, not everyone is onboard with the proposals.

And one Republican Delegate in particular is now pushing back against the Governor’s demands.

Delegate Michael J. Webert (R-Marshall) released the following press release shortly after Northam’s demands were made public, and Webert pulled no punches.

“Over the past two weeks, I have been asked to give multiple statements on the Virginia Beach shooting but declined out of respect for the families and individuals that lost their lives. Unfortunately, the Governor and my Democratic colleagues couldn’t resist the urge to push their political agenda and call for more meaningless gun control laws in the wake of this tragedy.”

“As you may have heard, the Governor has called a Special Session of the General Assembly to reconvene in July to promote the radical anti-gun agenda that he brought before us and failed to advance this past legislative session.”

“Let’s be clear: none of the proposed gun laws would have prevented this monster from killing these innocent individuals. The Governor and the Democrats have conveniently left out the fact that Virginia Beach already has gun laws on the books that should have, in theory, prevented this from happening.”

“One, suppressors are illegal in Virginia Beach. They are banned by local ordinance. Two, the shooting happened in a municipal building that was a ‘gun-free’ zone. Three, the shooter (whose name I refuse to publicize) went through a rigorous background process to obtain a suppressor for his weapons.”

“Additionally, the Virginia Beach Police have already stated there are no laws that could have prevented this tragedy.”

“Instead of engaging in kneejerk and emotional policy proposals that seek to undermine our Second Amendment rights and punish law-abiding citizens, I will continue to stand up for the rights of Virginians.”

“If the Governor is serious about addressing violence, he will reconsider the legislation he vetoed earlier this year that would keep repeat domestic abusers in jail for a longer period of time. He should also consider legislation that punishes violent offenders and ensures they stay incarcerated for their crimes, not released early.”

“I look forward to returning to Richmond in July to work on actual common-sense legislation that makes our Commonwealth and communities a safer place.”

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Delegate Webert currently represents the 18th District in the Virginia House of Delegates, covering Rappahannock, Fauquier, Warren, and Culpeper counties.

Webert is known for his blunt political statements, and the three-term legislator currently sits on the critical Militia, Police and Public Safety committee in the House, giving him an opportunity to defeat Northam’s agenda before it can make its way to the full House floor.

The General Assembly will meet on July 9th.

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