Attacks Fly Wildly in Race for Senator Black’s Open Seat

Once Senator Dick Black announced his retirement, local Republicans began scrambling to win the GOP nod for his seat. At first, the outgoing Senator remained neutral. But when the race started getting too hot, Senator Black weighed in to keep…

Republicans Just Pulled A Major Stunt To Swing This Year’s Election

Republicans have pulled a major stunt to show business leaders how a Democrat majority in the General Assembly might spell bad news for their bottom line. It all had to do with a vote that took place on the Senate…

Republican Carries Firearm into Senate Hearing

This Republican Senator sported a .38-caliber revolver during her speech at a Senate hearing.

The purpose of the hearing was simply to present her bills.

But her actions told their own story.

Kaine – Stewart Polls Begin to Narrow Leading Up to Election Day

Tim Kaine was confident of victory as Hillary Clinton’s running mate in 2016, now he’s confident again that he’ll win his Senate race this November. But narrowing voter polls might give him some cause for concern. And if Corey Stewart’s…

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