Pro-Obamacare Moderate to Face Republican Challenger

Comments (4)
  1. Michael G Patton says:

    We need to defund the baby-killers at Planned Parenthood, completely and fully and forever. Rob Thomas isn’t doing this and that is why I voted for and will vote again for Paul Milde as my delegate.

  2. Virginia MUST be turned back into a conservative state again! These Deep State NWO globalist Demon-rats and anti-Trump Republicans MUST go! We need border security, which includes a wall and change in immigration laws. No more anchor babies and welfare to illegals immigrants, which causes incentive for illegals to come. No illegals should be allowed to vote. No more messing with the 1st and 2nd amendments! We need basic scriptural civil, moral, traditional family values to be promoted and rewarded. Abortion Planned Parenthood MUST be de-funded and given no tax payer funds. Praise YaHVeH through HIS Right Hand Yahvshua the Messi`Yah! Yes, the earth is over populated due to children being born out of wedlock!

  3. hugh wilson says:

    Michael and Phil need to move to North Carolina.

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