Republican Who Took Democrat In-Kind Money Has Most Progressive Record

Republican Delegate Glenn Davis had voters scratching their heads when his campaign reported over $40,000 in in-kind contributions from the Democratic Party of Virginia.

That’s because it’s rare for an opposing party to show up as the 4th largest donor on campaign finance reports.

But it’s his actions after his campaign that has Delegate Glenn Davis ranked as the most progressive Republican by one far-left organization.

2020 saw Democrats take control of the Virginia General Assembly for the first time in over 20 years.

And under the new left-wing government, Virginia saw a host of liberal bills pass that had otherwise failed to gain traction for years while the legislature was under Republican control.

These included restrictions on Second Amendment rights, tax hikes, abortion on demand, eliminating voter ID requirements, in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, and a state version of the Green New Deal, among other bills.

Most of these pieces of legislation were passed with the help of Democrats’ solid majorities in the state House and Senate, though not every left-wing agenda item on the Democrats’ plate was passed on a straight party-line vote.

On more than one occasion, several Republicans crossed ranks to vote for some of these far-left bills.

But Delegate Glenn Davis was just deemed the most progressive Republican in the state legislature by a major far-left interest group for his help in passing several liberal bills into law.

Davis has voted with Democrats before, most notably on forcing through Obamacare expansion and passing several gun control bills.

But this year, Davis went a step further, voting with Democrats on more key issues than any other Republican.

This made Davis the most left-wing Republican in the entire House of Delegates, according to the Virginia Progressive Legislative Action Network (VAPLAN), a far-left group interested in pushing for liberal legislation in Richmond.

According to VAPLAN, over 37% of Davis’ votes were in line with liberals, making Davis nearly twice as left-leaning as the average Republican lawmaker.

Some of Davis’ key votes with Democrats included voting making it easier for violent felons to become teachers, giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, and passing the ERA.

However, Davis hasn’t just voted for Democrat-backed liberal bills; he’s even carried some of his own.

As New Virginia Press previously reported, Davis also carried a bill this year that would make it harder for Virginians to get a concealed carry permit.

Democrats later took Davis’ bill and passed their own version of it, using his anti-Second Amendment legislation as a model for their own.

Davis, who is now in his 6th term, has previously complained in a YouTube video about reporting centered on his history of voting with Democrats to expand Obamacare and strip Virginians of their Second Amendment rights.

Davis has yet to address his new title as the most progressive Republican in Virginia.

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