Republican Carries Firearm into Senate Hearing

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  1. John Corker says:

    Well I suppose it’s her right

  2. Frankie V says:

    Natural Rights don’t end at the door of a building. Time to reaffirm our Bill of Rights and teach the origin of our country. Freedom first.

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  5. Randy says:

    God given rights confirmed by our constitution should not be regulated by our government.

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  7. Danny Lanning says:

    What does paintings have to do with this article and who is Leonardo ? Either I read the wrong article or there is idiots commenting.
    The second amendment right to carry shall not be infringed. Even an idiot the saw Leonardo in this art. can understand that shall means not touched by anyone.

  8. Dannielle says:

    Just a few short years ago, not only could you carry into the capital building, there was an Express entrance for thise with concealed carry permits!

    I know bc I attended a grass roots lobby day with members of Virginia Citizens Defense League.

    During the group’s rally outside, state police tasked to the event were heard saying “this is the safest place in the state right now’.

    1. Bob says:

      Actually, the express entrance is only for that Lobby Day event (every MLK Day!), in order to speed up the massive influx of participants.

      And those are Capitol Police, not State Police. Hard to tell, the only difference is the shoulder patch!

  9. Boswell says:

    Good for her.

  10. Howard R Cannon says:

    Amanda Chase makes me proud to be in her District!

  11. Kenny Blackburn says:

    I wish that all Virginians voted in favor of this, instead of the liberal attack we are now experiencing with a liberal democrat governor…(open border socialism) support safety in our country and build the wall…

  12. William Brockman says:


  13. Sean Gaffney says:

    Yes, open carry should be allowed. It is necessary for conservatives to defend themselves against leftists, who are growing increasingly threatening and violent.

  14. Mike Rooney says:

    Open or concealed carry should be allowed – after all, those who would attack others need no permission to carry illegally!.

  15. Marsha Tarbert says:

    Where do I send her a check?

  16. Michael D. Zagami says:

    In This time and age ,Theirs No telling What may Happen , ? people are Crazy,,and to Me Personally, My N My FAMILY PROTECTION Is VERY IMPORTANT !!!! I Think EVERYONE Should Be Able To PROTECT Themselves In Any Givin Situation !!!

  17. David Warren says:

    Yesterday I had to thank her in person for her stand on the Second Amendment. There should be NO!! “GUN FREE ZONES” anywhere. She is my daughter’s Senator and it was a pleasure meeting her.

  18. Charles Gordon says:

    No such thing as a gun free zone, just zones where only criminals have guns

  19. Ronald Boswell says:

    Open or concealed should be allowed

  20. Brenda Marsh says:

    I agree 100%, You should be able to defend yourself and your family. too many crazies in the world today.

  21. Frank McDaniel says:

    I am proud to be in her district also. We should be able to defend ourselves anywhere we happen to be. Gun free zones only serve to make us vulnerable and serve as magnets for those who want take out as many people as possible before taking their own lives.

  22. Larry H Lee says:

    Making any location a “Gun Free Zone” only makes it a target for mass murder and mayhem. We should outlaw gun free zones!

  23. Trooper says:

    Glad she took the opportunity to show just what the second amendment is all about. The government has been trying to become our mommy and daddy for years now and smacking the back of our hands for ‘misbehaving’, but now they have gone to far ! Infringement of our God given rights, plus our guaranteed rights under the U.S. Constitution (and listed Bill of Rights) are being steadily regulated or flat , unlawfully taken from us ! A reckoning is coming , as Virginian’s and American’s as a whole are going to exercise their full rights and start taking a more active position in politics that effect them personally ! The democratic left seems hell bent on disarming, sequestering and dictating, tyrannically, their will on the people. They best remember for whom they are employed by and paid by. When the Convention of States meets, their jobs, livelihood and positions of , so called authority, will be over. These backyard representatives do not make the laws, nor enforce them they simply “break” them by infringing on our rights, “by law”. Throw all the Sanctimonious bums out, get new blood and start over, with the way our fore-fathers desired !

  24. Will Morrison says:

    If ALL Americans are able to carry a side arm in to a Senate hearing, then she should be able to do so; if not, then NO! THE LEGISLATORS MUST LIVE BY THE LAWS, REGULATIONS, AND RULES THEY IMPOSE UPON THE POPULOUS! While I have no problem with her carrying a firearm, I do have a problem when legislators restrict my right to do the same! IF one has been granted a CCW permit by a duly elected/appointed judge/official, then s/he should not be restricted from carrying a firearm ANYWHERE in the USA! Just as I have the right to freedom of speech, I have the right to keep AND BEAR ARMS.

  25. Lynwood. S Pugh says:

    Any place that there is felt the NEED YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO WEAR YOUR GUN.
    IF THERE HAD BEEN JUST ONE PERSON wearing their gun in the bank on wed 1/23/19, then maybe only 4 people would have lost their lives.

  26. It’s hard to find well-informed people about this subject, but you sound like you
    know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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