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Parents Outraged By Leftist Propaganda At Virginia Tech Orientation

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  1. GetThemOut says:

    You need to mention everything she is doing now!

    I have called out Virginia Tech in this op-ed, but other schools in Virginia and around the nation exhibit the identical issue. It is rampant.

    Parents, donors, and alumni, if you identify with this experience, it’s up to you. Our institutions have gotten this out of hand because most people are silent, too afraid of the social media harassment and bullying tactics of liberal activists and professors. Speak up.

    First, send screen shots, video, or your story to Concerned Women for America at We won’t disclose your name without permission, but we will tell your story.

    Second, contact your state legislators and demand legislation prohibiting the forced use of speech codes. The state controls most of the funds for public universities and can prohibit the use of those funds for nefarious means. Finally, contact the president of the offending institution or complain on social media while tagging the institution.”””

  2. IndependentInVA says:

    I can 100% confirm this report, as my wife and I sat through the same nonsense last summer. We were amused by our son’s reaction; “that woman (the dean of student affairs) was so far left, she almost fell off the stage. “

  3. John Dick says:

    Anarchy and anti-Christian bigotry is the new racism and they should be ashamed that they are promoting and agenda that could and probably will explode worst that the previous tragedy at VPISU. You just gave us THE reason to go looking for another college in the state. The amazing thing is the people talking to each other in the communities are so horribly shocked that the news in a negative way is spreading fast.

  4. bob says:

    Just down the road is Liberty University. I can guarantee this propaganda thought policing does not exist there.

  5. Pat says:

    It is appalling that anyone would allow this kind of propaganda to be brought into our state colleges and universities. How long will it be before honest Americans rise up and refuse to tolerate the indoctrination of our children into this bigotry and racism? It seems that everything that Americans hold dear is being called into question. It is frightening to see what is happening.

  6. William G. Brannon says:

    ALL public colleges and universities should stay away from any kind in indoctrination . Let our kids form their own opinions about issues. The schools need to stay OUT of it…completely. Maybe this issue needs a legislative response, i.e., federal legislation making it illegal for public colleges and universities to use propaganda to indoctrinate students. Just teach the courses and stop the professorial opinions.

  7. Lisa Lucas Gardner says:

    YOU are exactly what is wrong with our country….separate & divide people by scaring them into submission of Conservative values.
    HATE is taught by people like you.
    YOU need to attend a university to teach you about ALL of God’s people and acceptance without discrimination & prejudice.
    I hope your son, and/or other family members, tell you that they think you are wrong.

  8. Gary Bowman says:

    Our Universities have been being hijacked by the left since the sixties. People are now starting to notice, but at this point they are taken over along with our elementary, middle and high schools. They have been working to indoctrinate our children for years .

  9. Leslie Rodgers says:

    Saddens me to know that the leftist agenda is being pushed at VA Tech. I knew the liberal agenda was front and center at UVA, but never expected Tech would allow such as part of orientation. Actually, I’m disgusted! My son attended VA Tech from 1999-2004…things have certainly changed since then and definitely not for the better!

  10. As an alumni of Va Tech I find this type of behavior unacceptable. My brother and my entire family graduated from the University. We are all entitled to our personal opinions and to express them in appropriate situations and conditions.

    If a hint of the post is true I highly recommend that all Hokies contact members of the Board of Visitors and ask for an explanation and express your dissatisfaction with the orientation practices. I hate to suggest reducing or eliminating alumni financial support however it may have to take place if concerns are not addressed.

  11. Geneww38 says:

    I graduated and was commissioned an officer from an all male Military University. I felt it was my patriotic duty to provide sacrificially to their various funds until … A lady general was an alumnus of my university, they had Muslim cadets and celebrated a “Coming out” day.
    Read my Bio in for the rest of the story..

  12. aBuco says:

    One has to wonder how men and women reached adulthood with out a school talking about gender…We have a $23 trillion debt; $469 billion a year interest on the debt; our dollar has devalued, graduates today are going to be swamped by the idiots in congress and the debt they are passing on and they want to discuss gender….Stupidity is what it is. If you don’t know by the age of 12 if you are a boy or a girl nobody else can tell you.

  13. Amber says:

    Awww…poor widdle bigots.
    Look, folks, diversity and inclusion are not anti-Christian or anything else. You’re not being persecuted. You’re being told, “Scoot your white privileged ass over to make room for everyone at the table.”

  14. Debbie says:

    I am in the process of revising my estate plan. VA Tech is coming off the list of charities. who will be the beneficiaries.

  15. Benjamin McLeod says:

    LISA LUCAS GARDNER and AMBER – The present university leadership is immoral. There IS such a thing a morality, and sin. God exists, and will judge those who refuse his commands. It is morally wrong for any organization to teach people specifically that immorality is as good as righteous living.

    It is also stupid to teach that trans-sex or other sexual confusion is normal and should be accepted as normal. The fact is that men and women are different, and no medical operation or government proclamation can change that. We do have a problem that some are too rigid in saying that (only) men do this and (only) women do that, while many of these activities are universal to people and are enjoyed by some and refused by others. Many of these trans people have been caught in these false messages and falsely believe the cannot do what they enjoy without somehow changing their sex, which cannot really happen. As a leading university of science, I would think Va. Tech would understand that.

    There are also far too many people who have difficulty with normal sexual functioning because of some kind of sexual abuse done to them by others. I feel sorry for such people, but attempting to change their sexual identity and using weird pronouns will not solve their problems. I hope some of them can find actual solutions, which will be different for each individual.

    University leaders that promote nonsensical immorality should be removed from the university.

    – Benjamin McLeod – Va. Tech BSEE 1972

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