CONFIRMED: Blackface and KKK robe picture is from Ralph Northam’s yearbook page

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  1. Edward Mack says:

    What a hoot. A little context, if you will. From 26 Oct 2018 Rolling Stone: Megan “Kelly claimed that blackface was acceptable in the context of Halloween costumes, saying it was ‘OK when I was a kid as long as you were dressing like a character”.” She was immediately fired from NBC. So, now, democrats, how can you justify Ralph’s more egregious behavior. He didn’t just talk about it, he actually was involved in denigrating black people! I think Gov. Northam should resign effective immediately since he’s showing his “true face” to the world. I sure didn’t vote for the gun-grabbing, leftist, infanticide supporting demorat.

  2. Kevin Connelly says:

    I agree with Edward Mack’s comments above. If this involved a Republican or a Conservative they would already be fired or about to be. There would be howling from all the MSM that this cannot be tolerated. What’s good for one is good for all. You should apologize and then resign your office, Governor Northam.

  3. Mike Creasey says:

    I agree with Mr Mack and Mr Connelly.’s comments. During the last election Mr. Northam’s party ran several ads against Mr Gillespi depicting him as a racist with no evidence of anything in Mr Gillespie’s past to support it. If Mr Northam doesn’t resign , given his obvious past, would he be afraid of giving over the Governorship to Mr Fairfax, an African American and the current Lt. Governor?

  4. John R Railey says:

    While I dislike Northam tremendously and have about as much use for him as I do a cold sore and agree he should step down because of his comments and views on abortion, I must point out one thing, Just because a picture is in one’s year book, doesn’t mean he has any connection with what’s in that picture. There’s a name on that photo, “Alma Mater” contact him and perhaps he’d know who the other person is in the photo with him.

  5. Gene says:

    Having been a year book advisor, I know that candids are often used to fill white space.. This could be the case here.

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