Northam’s Approval Rating Just Dropped Again

Comments (3)
  1. DL Lawrence says:

    Northam, Herring & Fairfax want to act like nothing happened and expect everyone to move on because they feel bad about their past decisions; however it doesn’t work that way in a civil society when it comes to those suppose to represent the people. These 3 stooges do not represent any values of Virginians and if they had a thimble full of integrity left, they would all resign.

  2. Edward Mack says:

    With these demorat clowns at the top of state govt and their approval ratings plummeting, I hope we’re looking at a Republican wave. We’d never be hearing the end of these scandals from the media if a Republican was involved in a lesser scandal.

  3. David H Worrell Jr says:

    Northam needs to go, for the sake of his party. This is not something he can recover from and to stay in office is to deprive the people of Virginia of a person in the governor’s mansion until the next election. I pray he is not that selfish. Time to go, for sure and for certain.

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