Northam Advocates for Allowing Abortion Moments Before Birth; Even Post-Birth

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  1. Peggy L Jones says:

    What a horrific disregard for the life of these precious children created in the image of God, many of whom are created to fulfill callings and destinies of greatness! It is nothing less than government-sanctioned sacrifices to Molech, and we know what the penalty for that sin is! If this travesty of a bill passes, I no longer want to live in Virginia, for it will be cursed. We absolutely cannot and must not let this state go the way of New York.

  2. Dorie says:

    Even the thought of this is sicking . As a doctor, Ralph Northam took an oath to do all he can to save a life and now, he wants to kill a baby after birth. That is murder and any doctor who supports such actions should be charged with murder.
    Ralph Northam has bought nothing but disgrace to Virginia by even supporting a bill like this.

  3. bee says:

    Democrat party will be known as the party of murder. Killing innocent little babies.
    Hitler may be dead but his ideas live on in the democrat party.

    1. Rick Koski says:

      And his cowered said with no emotion. What a sick world(at least Virginia) we live in.

  4. MN says:

    What’s more disturbing is that the governor was a doctor in Pediatric Neurology.

  5. Truong says:

    Just watching dogs, cats or even chickens … How they protect their new born babies. We can’t get closer or touch their babies. Why human want to kill their own babies? Worse than animals!
    Kathy Tran and all people follow your bill, let Go To HELL!

  6. Geneww38 says:

    God, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.

    It is our (we Christians) fault since we can’t blame people who do not have a personal relationship and know God, the Bible nor the truth.

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