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New Virginia Press Exclusive: GOP Candidate’s NeverTrump Past Revealed

Comments (4)
  1. Bob King says:

    I feel betrayed. She has lied to us all about her past. We don’t need another Mitt Romney.

  2. Cobra Nut says:

    Ramirez isn’t a serious candidate anyway. This is a non-story. Lol

  3. Edward Mack says:

    I’m supporting my VA house of delegates representative Nick Freitas for now. At least l know he’s conservative, a Trump supporter & a strong second amendment proponent. Sorry, Tina, you’re not on my list anymore. I wouldn’t have held it against you for supporting another Republican candidate, but not for disgracefully trashing the President.

  4. Joe E. says:

    Wow. Well, so long try again in 8 years.

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