New Virginia Press Exclusive: GOP Candidate’s NeverTrump Past Revealed

Virginia Republicans are optimistic that public backlash to the new Democrat policies spewing out of Richmond may help them pick up seats in Congress this year.

The most vulnerable Democrat incumbent in Virginia is Abigail Spanberger, who represents a district that President Trump won by over 6 points in 2016.

But one candidate’s Never Trump past may end up coming back to haunt them as they seek the Republican nomination to take on Spanberger and run alongside the President in this pro-Trump district.

New Virginia Press has unearthed personal Facebook posts from Tina Ramirez, one of six Republican candidates seeking the Party’s nomination to take on Spanberger in November.

In one post, Ramirez posted a tweet mocking Donald Trump, with the caption “#NeverTrump” and a political cartoon making fun of the President. In another, Ramirez posts on her Facebook page a video titled “Donald Trump is A Liar”, saying: “This about sums it up #dumptrump #nevertrump”.

But Ramirez didn’t just take shots at Trump. She also attacked other conservative candidates in who ran for President in 2016, most notably Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

In another Facebook post, Ramirez calls Cruz “dangerous to Christians and religious freedom more broadly.” Ramirez goes on to allege that Israel is helping to perpetuate a genocide against Christians living in Syria and blames Cruz for helping to perpetuate it.

She finishes her post by writing, “Id rather be stuck with Trump, at least he doesn’t pretend to be a Christian.” In a follow up post, Ramirez claims that Cruz “acts no better than Obama”.

Two of the four Facebook posts suggests that Ramirez may have supported Florida Senator Marco Rubio over both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump during the 2016 Republican primaries.

Ramirez faces several other Republican challengers in the 7th District nomination contest, including Delegates John McGuire and Nick Freitas, Andrew Knaggs, Jason Roberge, and Peter Greenwald.

Several of the candidates, including Ramirez, have tried to outdo each other in showing their support for Trump.

Delegate John McGuire even bragged about adding a second Trump flag to his pickup truck after a liberal constituent complained about the first Trump flag on his truck.

But for Ramirez, the recent never-Trump revelations could complicate matters if Ramirez emerges as the Republican nominee against Spanberger, as she will have to run on the same ticket as President Trump in the general election this year, the same man whom she suggested was a liar and would never earn her support.

The Republican convention was set for April 25 but is currently postponed and pending.

Stay tuned to New Virginia Press for more 2020 election news.

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