Obamacare Just Gutted Another State Budget as Medicaid Costs Explode

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  1. Sven says:

    This was easy to predict. I’m not surprised at all the Republicans are caving to Democrats either, they got beat immensely last election

  2. Cindy says:

    Idiots elected a Democratic Governor, and two Democratic Senators. What did anyone expect? All the Dem’s want to do is keep giving out ‘free stuff’ that others have to pay for. It’s the ‘free stuff’ that keeps getting Dem’s elected, and it’s the ‘free stuff’ that keeps people in poverty. Just goes to show you that the majority of people don’t care if they’re held in poverty as long as they don’t have to pay for anything they get.

  3. Sue Jackson says:

    Virginia has not had fair or legitimate voting practices for over a decade now. When looking at the State map showing the voting results of each precinct you will see that there are three tiny blue spots in the northern district Which indicates the precincts carried by the Democrat candidates. Republican votes are always outnumbered by Democrat votes, even though the total number of votes cast are not supported by the population of the districts in question. One would think that the master-minds behind orchestrating the ‘cheat to beat’ election results would figure out how easy it is to see that a district with a population of 25,285 could not reasonably have 25,234 votes cast. If the reported number is correct then that would mean that they have only 51 residents that are under the legal age of voting. Remember the college student that had traveled to 7 different precincts in Virginia to vote under 7 different identities in the 2016 election, using names he had obtained from the local cemeteries. The young man got caught when the poll worker recognized the name he used as being that of her good friend who had just recently died. I know the fraud was arrested, scheduled a future court date but everything since that has become top secret apparently. Virginia has been operating under this voter fraud and suppression to the point that most of us feel it is useless to bother with casting our vote. We do have the voter ID requirement, however I have personally witnessed that being disregarded. When I reported what I and several others standing in line waiting our turn to vote witnessed, it was poo-pooed away, telling me I was mistaken.

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