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Leaked Audio Catches Democrat Demanding Slavery Reparations: “We have to pay for the sins of our fathers”

Comments (2)
  1. Nancy Webb says:

    Praying for Paul. Josh is too radical.

  2. Tom Johnson says:

    Sooooo….. I am Irish American and the Irish were slaves when they came to the USA. Guess who rowed the boats. My ancestors were slaves by a black man here in the great USA. The question I have is who is paying me??? I really hope ALL involved realize that at some point they will pay all of us, because at some point in history your family was probably enslaved by they Country you came from. Africa, Ireland, Scottish, and Native Americans all were used as slaves mostly at some point. I guess because the Irish were considered dumb drunks and our families didn’t cry to our kids growing up about being oppressed, they didnt grow up with a hand out like the ones who are still crying it today even at age 10. People need to grow up and learn the real history that happened and stop believing that at age 45 I am responsible for a 10 year and his whole family being oppressed.

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