Kaine – Stewart Polls Begin to Narrow Leading Up to Election Day

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  1. Ken says:

    The average GOP voter in VA doesn’t like Stewart and he’s alienated swing voters with his stupid associations and ridiculous comments. When he loses it is because he ran a terrible campaign. And he will lose by double digits. Your comment about RealClearPolitics is false. He has consistently been behind in all polls except his own internal polling performed by the disgraced Rick Shaftan.

    1. Doggmaninva says:

      Yea I guess they like ANTIFA supporting Kaine instead…

      1. Ken says:

        You don’t have to like one and dislike the other. I happen to dislike them both. Stewart is a clown, but I would have voted for him if he had shown any signs that he was aware of the negative consequences of his behavior. If he had tried to really unify he wouldn’t have come out a week after the nomination and called members of his own party foul names and he would have gotten rid of Shaftan.

  2. This is amazing!

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