The Five Republicans Most Likely To Back Gun Control

Comments (3)
  1. Dave says:

    As soon as the people have proven that a Lame duck, like Peace and Thomas, no longer properly represent their constituents, they should be prohibited from voting on any legislation for the remainder of their term.
    There have been too many examples of lame ducks being vindictive and harming their constituents once they know their career is over.

  2. DL Lawrence says:

    Any Republican voting along with racist Governor Northam, should not be considered a Republican. The question to these 5 is, how does this proposed legislation prevent bad actors who disobey laws and have guns illegally from committing crimes? IT DOESN’T. What it does do, is restrict legal and law abiding gun owners. It is a calculated step by Democrats (socialists) to eventually restrict or abolish the 2nd ammendment.

  3. Iris Hooke says:

    The Red Flag past of the governor’s plan is nothing but straight communism. Communist hold “secret” courts without the defendant present. Communism allows accusers to get away without having to face those they accuse. Communism considers the accused as guilty until proven innocent. None os this is the American way. These communist ways have already gained a foot hold in the Department of Social Services.

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