Kirk Cox Responds to Rumors That He’ll Cave On Gun Confiscation

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  1. Sven says:

    Guy who broke his promise not push Obamacare now promises not to push gun control…. OKAY.

  2. Wally Bunyea says:

    Glad to hear that the Virginia Constitutional Conservatives got Speaker Cox to say he will oppose anti-Second Amendment legislation. Getting elected officials to go on record, and then holding them accountable, is the best antidote to backroom deals. Keep the sunlight shining on our politicians VCC!

  3. Carl says:

    Time will tell, which face is telling the truth.

  4. Larry Wilson says:

    Any new gun laws and especially confiscation is 100% unconstitutional! Any law maker that votes for or allows this to happen are in violation of their oath of office. To support such an unlawful scheme is slap in the face of lawful gun owners everywhere. Why is it that law abiding citizens are the ones always punished for the crimes they never committed? Do you really think by taking my firearms it will in someway cause the murderer to suddenly decide to be a good person? That is ludicrous! The Constitution of the United States still means something to me and millions of others like me. Too many have died to protect those rights and it’s wrong for any politician to think he can just take them away because he doesn’t like what it says.

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