Clinton Staffer: Hillary Could Make a Major Announcement About 2020

Hillary Clinton is planning something. She and Bill are off selling her book nationwide. Now,…

WATCH: Democrat Forgets Which State he’s Running In

This year has been a showcase of Democrats who don’t have the slightest clue about the offices they’re running for.

First, a self-described socialist in New York revealed the fact that even though she’s only running for Congress, she’ thinks being elected will win her an inauguration and the power to sign bills.

Now Ben Jealous has made a major gaffe and tanked his hopes of being elected.

Dems: Dave Brat isn’t “mild mannered”

Virginia is a hotbed for left-field Democrat attacks this year. We’ve only just shed the…

Chris Peace Just Made the One Move That has the Tea Party Fuming

Delegate Chris Peace had no problem posturing as a Tea Party guy when it suited…

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