UVA Student Suspended for “Antagonizing” Questions During Social Justice Lecture

This student knew he was going against the grain when he challenged a speaker during…

One Reporter Just Exposed Virginia’s Top Democrat and the Press Are Speechless

He may have thought he was sly to have this stuck in the fine print,…

Democrat’s Campaign Caught Handing Out Illegal Sample Ballots on Election Day

Voters typically hate government employees breaking election rules. Especially when that official is running for…

WATCH: Democrat Forgets Which State he’s Running In

This year has been a showcase of Democrats who don’t have the slightest clue about the offices they’re running for.

First, a self-described socialist in New York revealed the fact that even though she’s only running for Congress, she’ thinks being elected will win her an inauguration and the power to sign bills.

Now Ben Jealous has made a major gaffe and tanked his hopes of being elected.

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