Al Gore’s Virginia Visit Makes Environmentalism a Race Issue

Al Gore, the former Vice President and creator of An Inconvenient Truth just made a big stop in Virginia.

After many of his film’s claims were proven, his latest “environmental justice” tour is meant to rebuild his image.

One of the key talking points seems to be framing environmentalism as an issue of race.

The former Vice President hosted his event in Union Hill, Virginia as a part of his environmental justice tour.

The meeting was in regard to plans for a pipeline station to be built in the historically African-American area.

This would be the 54,000-horsepower compressor station for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

The planned construction has since picked up steep opposition from Union Hill residents.

The former Vice President picked up on the outrage in his speech.

Gore told the crowd that building this station was a “vivid example of environmental racism.”

This, of course, comes weeks after Governor Northam’s infanticide and racial scandals rocked the Commonwealth.

Gore said that for the Governor to fulfill his promise for racial reconciliation, Northam should oppose the pipeline project.

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